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    Disney Princess Bath Paints and Nail Polishes Surprises with Toy Genie. In this video, we bath paint and color Disney Princesses. Then we wash off the princesses and open up some surprises. What surprises will we open? How will the princesses look with different colored hair? Subscribe Here: Here are some links to my other videos that you may like: Paw Patrol Skye Magical Pup House with Buildable Disney Princesses: Disney Princess Wrong Heads with Paw Patrol Finding Dory Surprises: Disney Princess Ariel Brushing Teeth and Opening Surprises: Here are more of my videos in playlists: Mickey Mouse Club House Friends and Disney Tsum Tsum Playlist: Shopkins Season 5 Playlist: My Little Pony Surprises, Playsets, and Dolls Playlist: ABC123 Kids Preschool Learning With Toys and Play Doh Playlist: Paw Patrol Surprises with Play Doh and Learning Playlist: Disney Princess and Disney Toys Playlist: Blind Bags, Blind Baskets, Mystery Boxes, Surprise Eggs Playlist: Fashems and Mashems Playlist: Please share this video of Disney Princess Bath Paints and Nail Polishes Surprises: Music: YouTube Thank you for watching my videos, Toy Genie Surprises Please support my channel by liking, subscribing, and sharing my videos. :)
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