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    For years the Stikine has been considered the Everest of kayaking. The remoteness and difficulty of it's rapids makes any of the most hardcore kayakers scared. Follow the Serrasolses brothers as they embark on an epic journey for the 2nd full descent of this whitewater gem. Cameras: Gerd Serrasolses Aniol Serrasolses Olaf Obsommer & Jared Meehan Ben Stookesberry - Clear H20 Films Big thanks to Clear H20 Films and Adidas for all the additional footage ! Paddlers: Gerd & Aniol Serrasolses, Sam Sutton, Barney Young, Jules Domine, Ben Stookesberry, Chris Korbulic, Jared Meehan. Shot on: Sony FS 700 Canon 7D Go Pro 3 Black edition Music: 1. Forgotten dreams 2. Ventanas al mañana -- Iluminate feat Cafres 3. Tourtist acid -- Placid Acid
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    Just before 6:30pm Montgomery County Sheriffs Office started receiving calls of several men inside the Merkels Jewelers at 9595 Six Pines Drive in The Market ...
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    BEAT DOWN Gerd Serrasolses STIKINE RIVER Camera: Jared Meehan FACEBOOK - ...